• Panchayat Resource Mapping Programme for Kerala State Land-Use Board.
Panchayat Resource Mapping Programme (PRM) provides the basic details in spatial format for the development activities of the local bodies. The mapping programme is done in cadastral scale. The present land use, all infrastructure and assets, all water resources and areas of specific interest in the panchayat are spatially mapped under this programme. The output serves as a base for planning the development activities of the departments like Planning, Agriculture, Soil Survey, Soil Conservation, Irrigation, Ground water, Rural Development, etc. It also serves as the base layer for further Geographic Information System Analysis. The objective of the project is to collect the spatial information through people's participation on the basic natural resources which are needed to prepare a long term perspective Sustainable Development Plan of the local bodies. The programme was entrusted to Kerala State Land Use Board (KSLUB) with annual administrative sanctions

• Twin City Project
Updation in Cadastral Map for Twin City Project carried out by Centre for Environment Development (CED) for Trivandrum Corporation, which includes Asset Mapping, Power-line Survey(Electric post, Type of connection etc), Water Supply (Pipe Line) and Road Network

•Hindrance mapping for Trivandrum Road Development Corporation Limited

• Property Tax Mapping

We are doing data collection, mapping & preparation of geo-database & giving local support for 3i- InfoTech for Property Tax Mapping programme carried out by KSUDP.
This include

1. Procurement of High resolution Quick Bird Image of the Area of Interest(AOI) based on lat - long extension (Gratitude).
2. GPS survey for Geo-referencing high resolution Quick bird image with mm accuracy using DGPS
3. Geo-referencing of Quick bird images based on GCP's(Ground Control Points) generated using DGPS
4. Collection of existing large scale cadastral maps (Survey/Parcels/FMBS)
5. Integration of scanned cadastre images with respect to geo-referenced Quick bird images
6. Generation of layers with respect to the Geo-referenced projected Quick bird image and Cadastral
Eg:- Survey parcel with survey no (poly), junctions, electricity post etc as point line and polygon features.
Generation of base maps for field operation in the scale of 1:1000 / 1:500
7. Field Deployment including recruitment of resource persons and imparting intensive training
8. Data Assimilation / Data Entry
9. Integration of attributes with spatial data for the development of customized web enabled GIS application
10. System Study
11. User required document preparation
12. Software require specification
13. Coding/integration of existing oracle database
14. Creation of executable program
15. Beta Testing
16. Debugging
17. Rectification and Evaluation
18. Implementation and Handing Over

• Tata Tel – Tata Telecommunication Market Survey and Research

• Digitization of Geological maps for Geological Survey of India

• Water shed for participatory research and resource centers in Kerala

• Associated in the preparation of Administrative Atlas for Urban Local Bodies

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